Portraits should be creative and spontaneous. To capture a genuine emotion, photos are best captured naturally and without awareness of a camera.

Having professional portraits photographed can take time and cost but the effort and expense is always worth it. My objective when it comes to portraits is to capture images that I would be proud to display in a gallery or on a website. My Portrait sessions are more than just a photo shoot, they are a chance to have an enormous amount of fun and allow everyone (or a couple) to connect , feel beautiful, get dressed up and be a model for a few hours. As an experienced photographer and graphic artist, I see the finished product and how I want it to look each time I set up a shot and shoot it.

The result will be worth the effort and forever captured and hopefully printed and showcased in your home or office or on social media.

Alisa Russotti.jpg
New_Luke Russotti.jpg
New_Alice in the Grass_Sept 2013.jpg
Henry Denahy
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Emily, Alice and Grace BW.jpg
Shean Family
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